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Friday, September 25, 2009

Butterfly - Great Britain

Butterfly - some more information

Some of us may like to think that male monarchs are beautiful to look at. But all the butter fly species in the world are really beautiful to look at. The monarch butterflies are the only species or insect that migrate for more than 2000 miles to go out of the cold weather and to hibernate in warm climatic condition so that they can start a new generation when the spring time falls in.

When we think of the butterfly, the first thing that comes to our mind is probably the colourful flutter of wings. But there is much more than that which first meets our eyes. Given under are some of the fascinating things about butterflies.

The wings of the butterflies are transparent. Contrary to popular belief, the wings of the butterfly can be held gently without harming them. Some of the butterflies have very fragile wings which get damaged. Butterfly belongs to order leiidoptera which means scale wing.

The iridescent scales [like rainbow], overlaps like shingles on a roof that give the colours for the wings. Their taste sensors are located in their feet. They taste their food by simply standing on it. The butterflies have six legs and feet. In monarch species, the front pair of legs remains tucked up under their body most of the time and we may feel difficulty in seeing them. The butterfly has a long straw like structure which is called proboscis which they use to drink the nectar and juices. The proboscis will remain coiled like a garden hose, when not required. The butterfly hatches eggs in the nest [like cocoon] built by moths. The veins of the Monarch butterfly's wings give them structure and support, just as the human being gets structure through their bones.

The monarch butterfly is found to be poisonous. But they won't harm humans; but the chemicals from the milkweed plant that they eat when they are in the larvae stage builds up inside them and gives them a poisonous defense against predators like frogs, birds, lizards and mice. Male monarch butterfly has black spots on each of the hind wings over a vein. The female ones does not have this.

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Hereunder i am posting some of the beautiful butter fly stamps that have been brought out by the Great Britain along with the FDC, picture post cards [ the cancellation side is shown separately hereunder ]

14p - Small Tortoise Shell 18p - Large Blue
22p - Peacock 25p - Chequered Skipper

Maxi Picture cards stamped on 13 May 81
FDC stamped on 13 May 1981 [first day of issue stamping]
All stamp cancellations have butterfly outlines.

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