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Friday, January 29, 2010

Butterfly of Andaman and Nicobar Isle., India

Butterfly of Andamans - India

General information about Andaman Islands of Rep.of India

The Andaman and Nicobar (A&N) archipelago comprises of about 556 small and big islands covering an area of 8,249 sq km with a coastline of 1,962 km between 92-94 0 E longitude and 6-14 0 N latitude in the Bay of Bengal (Fig.1). The northern group of islands form the Andaman Islands, while the southern group of islands form the Nicobar Islands, which is separated by 10 0 channel. Evergreen and littoral forests, mangroves and coral reefs are important components of the existing ecosystems prevailing in the islands.


The butterfly diversity and endemism is also very high, of the 214 species and 236 subspecies in 116 genera, over 50 percent are endemic. The A&N Islands house some of the larger and most spectacular butterflies of the world. Ten species are endemic to these Islands. Mount Harriet National Park is one of the richest areas of butterfly and moth diversity on these Islands. In this area of the country survey has been carried out in twenty five islands by the study group to take stock of the patterns of the distribution and its abundance. Different habitat has been identified in each of the island and the insects were sampled out. The study group recorded 65 species of six families. Of this 51 species were found to be less common and bore 25% of total samples. Six species were also found to be common. In the larger islands, many uncommon species were also found by the study group. Small and medium size islands accounted for more species than those which had no ever green forests.

Here under I post special stamps brought out in January, 2008 by India on Butterfly of Andamans and followed by the brochure.


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