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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Butterfly - Indonesia

27-2-2010 6-00 PM-India

Butterfly of Indonesia

I think butterfly is the most beautiful insect in the world. I know these lovely creatures only live for about 2 weeks to 2 months but their live have given the beautiful colors to the world.

Indonesia is a country having more than 13.000 islands, harbour a rich diversity of lives. Many butterfies of Indonesia have wide distributions, but those which are very restricted, and even live as endemic species in many places in Indonesia islands are not less. Indonesian butterflies possess great diversity not only in species but also in size, colour and markings. Despite their great diversity, because of forest degradations, hunting and trades, many species are now threatened with extinction. I feel that this is to be stopped by a legislation by the government to strictly follow.

Being just eight degrees below the Equator, Bali has the type of climate that is pleasing and relatively mild although warm. It is an island that has a diverse range of animal species. The butterflies are found fluttering around the gardens. But it can be well seen in their natural habitats. Bali Butterfly Park is the opportunity to encounter rare and endemic species from all of that part, The park is natural looking with hundreds and colourfull butterfly are released to flying everyday, and among of them are famous species of the world such as Spectacular Bird Wing Butterfly ( Ornithoptera and Troides) Swallow tails and great mormon( Papilio).

Bali Butterfly Park = It was built in 1996 and managed by PT. Taman Kupu Kupu Lestari. In this park hundreds of butterfly of various colors are seen including the famous Bird of Heaven (Omithoptera Paradisea), Omithoptera Priamus. Also various kinds of other butterfly native of entire country are also seen. The park trys to develop and cultivate the habit and for the purposes of scientific research and studies in the future of education. Most of the land in Bali Butterfly Park is covered by nets so that the collection is not lost. In addition to observing a variety of collection types and sizes of butterflies in a tropical nature, visitors can see the butterfly's life starting from the caterpillars, chrysalis, to turn into a butterfly. Bali Butterfly Park in this there are hundreds of butterflies from 15 types of butterfly species. Collection of butterflies in this area generally come from Bali. The Bali Butterfly Park covers 3,500m sq, making it the largest park of its kind in South-East Asia and the park provides an environment for butterfly preservation and study. Located on Jl. Batukaru in the Tabanan Regency, this is Indonesia's only butterfly park. It specialises in breeding and preserving various different kinds of butterflies from Bali and all over Indonesia.

Bantimurung National Park Maros, South Sulawesi, became one of the most popular tourism place for all in Indonesia, for both local, national and foreign tourists. The National Park is a natural park that people of South Sulawesi proud of. Its location which is in the valley with a steep limestone hill and tropical vegetation create good environment to enjoy. This Park is also famous for its waterfalls, caves, and the butterfly. Some unique species found only in Sulawesi, which is Troides helena Linne, Troides hypolitus Cramer, Troides haliphron Boisduval, Papilo adamantius, and Cethosia myrana. Some decades ago one of the study group members [or research fellow] visited here and spent his time to examine different types of butterflies. He reportedly said that Bantimurung is ‘The Kingdom of Butterfly’ (the kingdom of butterflies).

Today I post a beautiful Indonesian butterfly MS followed by a block of four stamps

[This is not a full set - it is a block of full sheet of butterfly]

Names : Dalias Kristianiae Mastrigt [named after first lady of Indonesia]
Ornithoptora acsacus Ney
Ornithoptera Crocsus
Troides Mywpolita each 1500 Indo.rupee