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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Butterfly - Bhutan

17-3-2010 - 1215 PM
Bhutan is a himalayan kingdom and ruled by king - viz., Jikme Singye Namgial Vanchuk. This is one of the scenic countries on the Himalayas, having landscapes and also having architecture of its own. This is tourist destination having immense natural beauty with ancient and traditional culture. This country is known for its rich fauna. Capital is Thimbu.

There are roughly around 900 butterfly species in Bhutan, an exceptionally high number for such a small country. Such a degree of diversity is attributed to a number of habitats found in the mountainous terrain and with the people's culture. Most butterflies are beautiful and a few such as the Bhutan Glory and the Kaiser-I-Hind are internationally protected by the Convention on the Inernational Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), to which Bhutan is signatory. These very rare butterflies could be seen accidentally or occasionally.

The study group [or researchers] say that this huge number of species for a small country like Bhutan is really incredible. They also say that in the whole of North America only 680 species were founded // identified and that in Europe for about 450 species. Further, they also report that species of indo-malaysian species are spotted in this country. Among the species, the largest number is found in sub tropical area and an amazing number is seen in the mountains even at an elevation of 5000 MSL. They also studied that those high altitude fluttries fly in the summer only. There are guides with good knowledge to say about the species. We will definitely have the change to enjoy the butterfly species of top varies of the Asian butterfly community.

Here under I post two beautiful MS on butterfly brought out by Bhutan Postal Corporation.

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