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Friday, September 24, 2010

Birds of prey - Palau endemic birds

24-9-2010 - 3-30 PM

Palau - endemic birds

Endemic birds are only a few of Palau's many resident birds. A 1991 survey identified a total of 141 birds in Palau, ranging from endemic birds to resident (birds that stay here all year round, but are also found in other locations), migrant birds (birds that live and breed elsewhere, but stop in Palau while they migrate north and south),vagrant birds (birds that get lost and end up in Palau on their way to someplace else), and even introduced birds (birds that were brought to Palau by man).

The Chesuch (Palau Owl) is the only resident owl in Palau. This very small owl is active at night and stays in dark forests during the day. It has a call that is similar to the call of the Biib.

The Biib (Palau Fruit Dove) is a beautiful dove with green feathers and a purple cap. Legend says that the biib is related to giant clams, and when the tide is low and people are collecting clams, it calls loudly to mourn its lost relatives. It can be heard "cooing" throughout the day and night.

The Omekrengukl or Doldol (Palau Ground Dove) lives in thick forests between Babeldaob and Angaur, although it is very rare on Babeldaob and more common on the Rock Islands. It is the rarest of aU the endemic birds, and may be a globally threatened species. This small dove looks for seeds on the forest floor.

The brown Tutau (Palau Morningbird) is known because of its loud singing early in the morning. It lives in al types of forest except mangroves between Babeldaob and Peleliu.

Today I am posting hereunder a beautiful SS of 6 stamps at 50C of Palau. This souvenir sheet is titled Birds- Endemic Birds of Palau, S/S 6. This colorful souvenir sheet features birds indigenous to the island nation of Palau. The species represented on this sheet are the Palau Owl, the Palau Fruit-dove, the Palau Ground Dove, the Morning Bird, the Palau Megapode, and the Rusty-capped Kingfisher. Comments welcome.

Though the SS is having other birds also, it features my favourite bird for prey - owl.

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