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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birds - Indian birds over view - Part I


Hereunder I am posting the stamps on birds brought out by the Postal Department. This is part I of the Bird stamps of India.

28-12-2010 – Part I

31-12-68 – 20p, 50p, 100p, 200p
Blue Magpie//wood pecker//Scimiter Babler//Sun Bird

28-4-75 – 25p, 50p, 100p, 200p
Pitta Brachyura//Oriolus Xanthomus//Tragopan melanocephalus
Lophophorus impejamus

10-2-76 –Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary – Bharatpur – 25ps
Painted Stork

1-11-80 –230ps
International Symposium on Great Indian Bustards –Choriotis nigriceps
The FD covers also posted along side.
views welcome. 


[[ to continue in part II ]]

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