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Thursday, February 23, 2012

post lovers agony

here under i post a scan of cartoon appeared in a recent tamil weekly.

photo 1 - a man posts a letter in the letter box on the street
photo 2 - the man shakes the letter box to ensure that the letter goes well into the letter box
photo 3 - the man sits on the road waiting for the peon to arrive to clear the letter box
photo 4 - anxiously sees the peon clearing the letter box
photo 5 - follows the peon upto the post office
photo 6 - travels in the mail van, hanging outside the mail van
photo 7 - travels in train looking outside to ensure the mail carriage follows his bogie  in
                 which he travels
photo 8 - follows the postman - the postman delivers the letter to the addressee to whom
                  the man sent the letter - tells sabhash[well done] the letter reached the addressee.

photo 8 -  this is the anguish felt by the post lovers. nowadays in india nobody knows when one's mail will reach its destination since there is much confusion in transmission mode and every day it gets changed. In the hierarchy nobody wants to take care of and they enjoy their own life and do not care about the ordinary man


  1. Yes, how true, the cartoonist himself must have felt the anguish. The major problem these days are with foreign mails (un-registered) which arrive torn/ half opened /fully opened/ or the mails are fully missing. No one seems to be interested to look into the matter.

    1. the irony in this cartoon is that this had appeared long years back and thus it shows that the same condition prevails over the years.