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Friday, September 18, 2009

Butter fly

Everybody knows watching a flying or flutter butterfly is a joy. In many countries reserved forest or parks are formed to group up the species to give them a peaceful environment to live and nursing their families. The famous such park is in Mexico where lakhs of such species congregate and live and travel from one area to other. Such a sight is always a happy moment for the watchers and researchers. Even in the roads nearby the parks, road sign is put up like "butter fly crossing - be careful' so that the travellers may not hit the flying species. Almost all the postal organisations in the globe issued single and set of stamps depicting common and endangered species. So also India Post

State of Bahrain                                                                     

Details - miniature containing 8 stamps                                    
50 FILS each
pictures : L-R - first/second rows

Lepidochrysops Arabicus, Ypthima Bolamica
Eurema Brigitta, Precis Limnoria, Aglais Urticae,
Colotis Protomedia, Salamis Anacardil, Byblia Ilithiya          

Libya - No details - Arabi - Viewers may
 kindly help me details of the below viewed
 butter flies

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