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Saturday, September 19, 2009


In the butterfly segment, following three MSs are put up. Those stamps are brought out by Angola under title BORBOLETAS. All the 18 stamps in the three MSs are equal denominations of 120.000.00 Angola currn.
Details of those stamps are :

Left to right rows 1/2 - first row two MSs
and below that 1 MS - each MS 6 stamps

left first MS:                                                                                          
Metamarpha stalinues, popilio glauces, Dandaus Plexippus              
Catonephele numili, plebejas Argus, hypolimnas bolina                     

I row - Right MS
Dynastor napolean, Zeaxidia amethystus,
Battus Philenun, phoebis philea,                                                                                                     
Danaus cheysippus, glancopsyche alexis

MS in the bottom
Tenica tenpanden, bematistes oganice, hebomoia glancippe, colius eurytheme
peneute leucatosime, excaenawdispan.

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