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Sunday, October 25, 2009

butterfly information and of tuvalu

25 Oct 2009 – 0900 pm

Butterfly - some more information:

1. Both butterfly and moth belong to same insect family Lepidoptera. But butterfly differ from moth. Butterfly is active during entire day time. Moth is active generally only in night. The butterfly is brightly coloured mostly unlike the moth. But some moth species are reportedly bright in colours. The moth when rests, spreads the wings. But butterfly will hold it vertically pointing to the roof or sky, or horizondally on walls.

2. It is reported that, of the 15 million insects 200, 000 belong to species of lepidoptera which refers to both moth and butterfly.

3. The butterfly has its habitat generally in tropical area. South America is the known continent which is rich in fauna.

Butterfly of Tuvalu :

Tuvalu is a country geographically 26 sq.kms area and the fourth independent small state after Vatican, Manoco, Nauru. It lies between Hawaii and Australia in the pacifics Capital Funafuti is the largest coral reef among the other eight reefs of the country. The atolls of the country have lagoons open to the ocean. The population of the country is estimated roughly 11000 now. Most of them live in the capital. This is a tropical country at about 86 F / 30C.

There are twenty two known species of the butterfly in the country including moths.

Some of the stamps of tuvalu on butterfly are posted below with descriptions. The stamps posted may not be full.

Description   ==     5c     Marpesia Petreus,  Pseudolycaena
                               15c   Ccharaxes jasius,  Junonia coenia
                               50c   Palaeochrysophanus hippothoe, Stiocopthalma Camadeva
                               75c   Phoebis avellaneda,  Aapatura iris

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