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Monday, October 19, 2009

butterfly from venda - information and pictures on stamps

19-10-2009  0700 AM
Butterfly from Venda
The thought of establishment of butterfly park was sparked out in United Kingdom first and popularly spread over the word.
In Venda, three persons who took initiative in this venture first visited some countries in the europe and asia and got ideas of building up and establishing a park in the Venda thus providing a good and happy fascinating experience to those people.

Venda is a south africa state in the african continent. The country has many species of butterflies to follow and look at, admire. We can experience the magic of butterfly word located near the cape Winlands of Paarl. One will definitely imagine strolling through a beautiful landscapped garden [indoor] with beautiful, bright colour butterfly species, filting from one flower to the other. It is a tranquiling atmosphere.
This butterfly word is in the Cape winelands of southern africa and it is a largest park of the South Africa. This is founded in 1996. Many visitors make a trip over there to view those fascinating little insects or creatures.
The indoor park is provided with well designed exotic plants, water facility etc., for the butterfly. The administrators have also provided guides for the visitors. It is open from 0900 to 0500 in the evening in summer time and upto 0400 PM in winter. visit and enjoy the nature brought under one roof.

Hereunder a set of four stamps of Venda posted with the FDC.
Details of stamps and FDC :

21c - Pseudacraea biosduvalitrimenii                       35c - papilio mireus lyaeus
40c - charaxes jasius sacturnus                                 50c  - aeropetes tulbaghia

Venda post mark sibasa - 13-11-80

Stamps :
5c   precis tugela                                  10c   charaxes bohimani
15c catacroptera cloanthe                     20c  papilio dardamnus

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