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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Butterfly - General Information

Butterfly - general

In this world there are lot of insects, animals and other habitats. Of all these, there is a special place for butterfly. This fluttering species always attracts the people and make them happy.

There is a secret of this flutter by species. All these days one may be knowing that the butterfly does not have ears and feel only through the nostrills. A research was conducted by Bristol University. The researchers who attended the research discovered that the blue marbo butterfly has ears and that the ears are located on their body just nearby the wings. It is found to be just like a small dot projected upward and like a very small tube. The colour of this part is mostly of faded yellow. This butterfly can hear sound between 1000 and 5000 Hrts [human beings it is 20 to 20000].

One of the researcher also informed that upto 1912, it was believed that the butterfly does not hear the sound. Following this, it was also found that some species of butterfly feels the sound waves. Now that we have discovered that Blue marbo species has ears.

[translated from a local language paper]
7-11-2009 1700 hours.

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