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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Butterfly some facts

1. Buttterfly lives for a short span for about two weeks.
2. The eggs of the insect only 2% of the eggs attain maturity naturally.
3. The herbicide and insecticide tremendously damage this
4. The colours of the wings are caused by scales which reflect and refract light
5. Butterfly has cold blood and thus needs sun light to get warm to remain active
6. The great threat is loss of habitat and not the collection of species.
7. Brush foot butterfly ie., Nymphalidae appears to have only 4 legs since last two
    legs very small and near the head.
8. Some species of the creature produce polarised light on the wings.
9. The blue and green colour are caused by defraction rather than pigments in the
     wings. Other colours are caused by pigments only.

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